Should You Use Antibiotics to Treat Tonsil Stones?
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Should You Use Antibiotics to Treat Tonsil Stones?

Given their most common symptoms, it’s easy to understand why someone would want to take antibiotics to suppress the pain and discomfort caused by tonsil stones. They might not pose any serious threat to your long term health, but they can be extremely stressful and demoralizing.

There are many ways you can treat tonsil stones but if you’re wanting immediate relief then antibiotics could be the way to go. However, this relief won’t last forever and they don’t treat the core problem that caused the infection in the first place.

And not only that but bacteria could become immune to the medicine. Making them completely useless.

So it appears that antibiotics are helpful in the short term but not over the long term. With them only really helping with their symptoms and not the infection itself.

Below I’ve discussed this and delved into the medicines that are available.


clindamycin for tonsil stonesIt has been shown (in this study) that when patients with tonsillitis were treated with clindamycin, they experienced fewer episodes of the infection over a 10 day period. This is because clindamycin has been shown to prevent the recurrence of beta-lactamase-producing-bacteria. Which can cause the infection.

Now I know that tonsillitis and tonsilloliths are different infections. But their symptoms are very similar and they are caused in a similar manner. Therefore, it can be said that clindamycin could help you prevent tonsil stones.

However, please check in with your doctor to understand the validity of this.


medicine for tonsil stonesAmoxicillin is a form of penicillin and it works by fighting off bacteria. Even though it is commonly used to treat things like tonsillitis, bronchitis and ear infections, it can be used for other oral infections. Like tonsil stones.

Amoxicillin stops the bacteria from growing any further which will eventually kill it off. This doesn’t stop the infection entirely but it does reduce how severe it is. Which sounds all well and good, especially if tonsilloliths are causing serious problems, but there is a drawback.

The drug has been shown to cause quite a few side affects. These include:

  • nausea
  • vomitting
  • diarrhea
  • stomach dicomfort
  • difficulty breathing
  • itchiness
  • swelling of throat

(if you experience any of these while taking the antibiotic then I recommend you see your doctor)

If you’re having trouble with the symptoms caused by tonsil stones then amoxicillin is worth your consideration. Just remember to keep in mind its side effects and always consult your doctor beforehand.

Final Words – Finding the root cause

Given that neither antibiotic will cure you of tonsil stones, I don’t personally think you need to take them. Of course, this depends on your situation.

What I recommend you do instead is figure out the infections root cause is. This could be a range of things and I’ve listed some below:

  • poor oral health
  • dry mouth/not staying hydrated enough
  • having a diet high in dairy

If you want to learn more about then check out my causes of tonsil stones post.

Once you work out what the root cause is, you’ll find it easier to treat and prevent your tonsil stones. It may take a little bit of effort and testing but it’ll be well worth it given the symptoms you’ve had to put up with.

If, however, you have tried out all of these antibiotics, and every other remedy, to no avail then don’t feel the need to consider surgery quite yet. You still have one other option…

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