Is a Tonsil Stones Infection Contagious?
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Is a Tonsil Stones Infection Contagious?

Aside from its symptoms, the main concern with a tonsil stone infection is whether or not it’s contagious. Given the severity of the symptoms, it’s easy to understand why this is the case.

After all, you wouldn’t want to be reason why one of your friends gets the infection.

In this article I’ll explain whether or not tonsil stones are contagious and what you can do about it.

Are tonsil stones contagious?

The short answer is no. Tonsil stones themselves cannot cause tonsil stones development in another person.

However, the bacteria that causes them is contagious and can be transmitted via direct contact. Now this can cause infection, it just won’t necessarily be a tonsil stone infection.

For tonsil stones to develop, there needs to be a sufficient amount of debris found within the crypts of the tonsils for the bacteria to feed on. If this isn’t present then it isn’t possible for the stone to grow.

So if the person maintains good oral hygiene or has smooth tonsils (fewer crypts) then they’ll likely not get tonsil stones even if they are infected by the bacteria and viruses.¬†Which isn’t all that likely either.

In order to catch the specific bacteria that causes tonsil stones, you would need to touch an infected persons tonsil stones and then touch your own tonsils, or visa versa. There is an argument that kissing could do the same thing but this wouldn’t transfer bacteria or viruses from the tonsils, it would transfer those found around the tongue and gums.

Now these may be similar but they aren’t the specific ones you would need to develop tonsil stones.

Therefore, I can pretty much confirm tonsil stones are not contagious – unless you go about touching peoples tonsil stones and have poor oral hygiene.

What to do to avoid transmission of bacteria/viruses

As I said, even though it’s not possible to infect someone with tonsil stones, you can pass harmful bacteria and viruses over to them. Because of this I think a good idea to avoid this as much as possible, after all you don’t want to be a cause of another infection.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • don’t share eating utensils with those affected
  • refrain from kissing those that are affected
  • don’t touch others tonsils (I’m sure this one was pretty obvious)
  • don’t uses others toothbrushes
  • keep a good level of oral hygiene

They’re all pretty simple methods so they shouldn’t be difficult to implement.

Final Words

So unless you have really bad oral hygiene, it’s very unlikely someone will infect you with tonsil stones.

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