Can Tonsil Stones Cause Further Infection & What Would This Mean?
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Can Tonsil Stones Cause Further Infection & What Would This Mean?

Given the amount of symptoms associated with them, it’s easy to think that tonsil stones have caused even further infection after removal. If you’ve experienced swollen tonsils or a sore throat, then it’s easy to believe that you’ve gotten tonsillitis as a result. But I just want to reassure you that this is not the case. All you’re experiencing is symptoms normally experienced with tonsil stones that are taking longer than usual to go away. If this only lasts a week or so then it’s nothing to worry about. Just make sure you’re doing something to treat your symptoms and you’ll be fine. Like gargling an anti-inflammatory mouthwash (I recommend apple cider vinegar). However, if it lasts longer than this, and doesn’t looks like it’s going away, then it might be time to see your doctor. In this article I’m going to outline the main differences between tonsil stones and tonsillitis. That way, after reading, you’ll find it easier to determine which infection is responsible for your symptoms. And how you should treat them therein.

Tonsil Stones vs Tonsillitis

Here are some of the biggest difference between the two infections.
can tonsil stones cause infectionSeeing White/Yellow Rocks
If you notice little white/yellow rock looking things pop out of your tonsils then you have tonsil stones. There’s no two ways about it. Even though tonsillitis can cause white puss to appear on the tonsils (which makes this confusing), this is definitely a tonsil stones infection. And on the flip side, if you notice white pus appear on your tonsils, then you know this is a tonsillitis infection. And not tonsil stones. Seeing as both cause similar symptoms, it can be really difficult to determine which is which just by using your gut. That’s why taking a mirror and having a look can be a really simple and effective solution.

Extreme Bad Breath
If you notice your breath smelling really bad at the same time as you get a sore throat, then this can be a huge indicator that you have tonsil stones. Even though tonsillitis can cause bad breath, if it’s extremely bad then you’re more likely to have tonsil stones. As they’re basically build-ups of old food, mucus and dead cells, they can smell extremely bad. Especially if they’re large in size. Not only that but the bacteria that causes their development in the first place can produce sulphur. Which is also a smelly compound and adds even more fuel to the fire. They can often get so bad that you can get a reaction out of other people. If this is beginning to happen on a regular basis each day then it’s time to check out your tonsil for any stones and remove them as quick as possible.

Having a Scratchy Voice
Even though both cause sore throats, if you’re finding it difficult to talk then this an indication that you have tonsillitis. Tonsil stones only really make it difficult to swallow so it’s likely that you don’t have them in this case. Your inflamed tonsils will likely change your voice, if it’s severe enough, so other people will be able to pick up on this. And may even ask if you have a cold or fever (which is another symptom of tonsillitis). Tonsillitis can often cause symptoms associated with a fever or cold. Such as headaches, chills and even irritability, which of course can also be easily picked up by other people.

Feeling of Something at The Back of Your Throat
As tonsil stones are quite literally stuck in your tonsils, the feeling of something at the back of your throat should make it pretty obvious that you probably have the infection. Whereas with tonsillitis you usually only feel swelling.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the key differences between these two infections, you will be able to tell if you’re just experiencing some prolonged infection symptoms or if you’ve caught tonsillitis after treating your tonsil stones. Once you’ve figured this out it’s important to take action immediately. Whether this be finding a home remedy to treat the pain or visiting the doctor to learn about appropriate treatment. It doesn’t really matter, just make sure that it is something Now in keeping with that notion, if you’re finding it difficult to treat your tonsil stones, and have been for some while, then you might be finding it a little difficult to decide what to do next. Well, I have the answer…

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