Does Everyone Get Tonsil Stones & How Common Are They?
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Does Everyone Get Tonsil Stones & How Common Are They?

No… not everyone has or will get tonsil stones. This is mainly due to the size and shape of their tonsils and their diet and oral hygiene habits. But this does not mean they aren’t common. According to Wikipedia, “Tonsilloliths or tonsillar concretions occur in up to 10% of the population”. Now this may be a little more than you expected, after all how often to you hear people complaining about tonsil stones? However in saying this, even though some people may actually have the infection, they may have noticed it. You see in most cases the stones do not grow big enough to cause any symptoms or problems. They just grow big enough to be visible and don’t put any real pressure on the tonsils. Leaving you to either cough them up or swallow them. If you’ve ever noticed something yellow and sticky come up when you cough then you’ve probably had a mild case of tonsil stones. Now this shouldn’t be something to worry about, especially if they haven’t caused you any problems. Tonsil stones aren’t all that threatening to your health. If they do grow big enough, the most they could do is cause some discomforting symptoms.

So don’t stress out about them.


With all that said, I still recommend trying to prevent tonsil stones. Or any tonsil/throat infection for that matter. If left long enough they can cause serious problems, to the point where you may need to take time away from your work to recover.

So to help you out with this I’ve outlined a few of the most effective ways to prevent tonsil stones below.

Maintain Good Oral Health
In order to fight off harmful bacteria and infectious organisms, you need to take measures to maintain good oral health. There’s just no two ways about it. If you aren’t then you will experience problems, and I’m sure your dentist has made you well aware of this. Now this may not be appropriate to everyone but as a rule of thumb, I would stick to flossing & brushing 3 times per day. Once after breakfast, once in the afternoon and once before bed. By doing this you’ll clear out all the spaces around your gums and teeth where bacteria likes to hide, just waiting to cause infection. Not only that but you’ll also be incorporating healthy probiotics into your mouth to help you fight off this bacteria.

Drink Enough Water
Your saliva actually plays quite a big role in preventing infection. Other than lubricating food, your saliva’s job is to control the activity of harmful bacteria.  And in order for it to do this at full capacity, you need to be properly fuelling it with water. Again this may not apply to everybody, as everyone’s body works different, but as a rule of thumb, try to drink 8 glasses of water each day. That way you’ll remain properly hydrated and able to fight off infection – not just in your mouth but all around your body as well!

Gargle an Antibacterial Mouthwash
I could have added this to the “oral hygiene” para above but considering how important it is, I thought it deserved a para of its own. Even though flossing and brushing 3 times a day will do a very effective job at cleaning out your mouth, it won’t do it 100%. In order to achieve this, or at least to attempt this (cleaning your mouth 100% is impossible as far as I’m aware), you need to gargle an antibacterial mouthwash. You may be thinking that these mouthwashes are expensive… and you’d be right. They can be pretty costly, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them. There are plenty of cheaper home remedies that you can take advantage of instead. They’ll prove just as effective and likely a fraction of the cost. There are a few remedies for you to choose from but the most commonly used ones are Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt Water. Both can be mixed with water and gargled to clean out your mouth of harmful bacteria. For the best results I recommend gargling these 2-3 times per day (if using a commercial mouthwash just follow its instructions).

Final Words

So tonsil stones are likely more common than you think. If you don’t take the best care of your oral heath then it’s likely that you have gotten them at some point, even if you haven’t noticed. Again, don’t worry about this. Just follow what I’ve said above in this article and you should be fine. However, if you want to cure your tonsil stones for good, prevent them from ever coming back 100% then I recommend you check out the program below…

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