Foods That Cause Tonsil Stones & What You Should Aviod
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Foods That Cause Tonsil Stones & What You Should Aviod

You may not know this but what you eat can be a cause of tonsil stones. And that doesn’t necessarily just mean junk food, particular types of so-called “healthy” food can also be a root cause.

This can sound counter-intuitive (after all, how can something good for you be bad for you at the same time?) but don’t worry I will explain.

Below I have outlined a few of the most common foods, or food groups, that are linked to tonsil stones growth and why they are seen as a culprit.

tonsil stone dietJunk Food

Given their nutritional value, I doubt you’ll be surprised to know that they can cause tonsil stones, or any infection for that matter. If your diet is high in junk food then you will experience problems in your oral health and general well-being.

Junk food is packed full of harmful bacteria which only only makes things more difficult for your immune system. It all ready has to deal with the bacteria hiding around your tongue and tonsils so adding more fuel to the fire will only make things worse.

And in addition to that you won’t be providing your immune system with the nutrients it needs. So not only will it have to fight against 2x as much bacteria, it’ll also be weaker and less capable in doing so.

tonsil stones and dairyDairy

Now this is debatable. I’ve spent some researching before writing this post and I’ve seen good arguments for both sides – whether or not dairy actually causes tonsil stones.

But in spite of this, I included it anyway. I figured making you aware of all the possible causes would be best. This way you can test them all out and see how they affect you.

The reason why dairy is seen as a cause of tonsil stones is because it’s a mucus forming food. An increase in mucus could make tonsil stone growth more likely as it, like the bacteria, can begin their development.

The dairy also contains proteins that help the bacteria, mucus, dead cells and food particles found within the tonsils to harden.

So if you’re suffering from the infection then I would stay away from dairy products as they might make your situation worse.

alcohol and tonsil stonesAlcohol

Okay so this isn’t really a food but considering it’s a big part of some peoples diet, I thought I would include it and make you aware of the dangers of its consumption.

Your saliva, if you didn’t know, controls the bacteria and mucus activity within your mouth. So if your mouth goes dry and your saliva levels drop then they will be able to act how they like. Which is almost always causing infection.

This is exactly what happens when you consume alcohol. When you drink a lot of it you become dehydrated, even if you don’t notice. This, as you can expect, forces your saliva levels to drop which allows bacteria and mucus to act more freely.

Which, therefore, increases your chances of getting tonsil stones.


Now that you know what foods to avoid when dealing with a tonsil stone infection, try to work them out of your diet. I know this will be difficult so I recommend you replace them instead of just plain avoiding them.

This transition will be much smoother and less intense so you should find it easier to stick to.

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