Laser Cryptolysis Treatment for Tonsil Stones
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Laser Cryptolysis Treatment for Tonsil Stones

If your tonsil stones get severe enough, to the point where they keep coming back and continually stress you out, then you may need to get surgery. However, this isn’t definite and you should consult your doctor before deciding to do so.

But in saying that, I wouldn’t run into your doctor’s guns blazing ready to get an operation. I would first read up on the different kinds of surgery there are available to you – there isn’t just one type of tonsillectomy. That way you’ll have a better idea of the kind of surgery you need and won’t have to rely too much on your doctors advice.

The type of surgery we’re going to concern ourselves with in this post is called Laser Cryptolysis.

laser tonsil cryptolysisWhat is Laser Cryptolysis?

During this procedure your surgeon uses a laser to wear away the crypts found along your tonsils. The theory behind it is that by closing these crypts off (where tonsil stones grow) you’ll be much less likely to experience the infection.

The surgery can often be done with the patient awake, provided they don’t have a big tongue or sensitive gag reflex. It is also much quicker than a tonsillectomy and has a less painful recovery process. Which is why it is often recommended initially to subjects with severe tonsil stones.

One of the problems with the surgery is that it’s not 100% effective.

Because the tonsil are not completely removed it is still possible tonsil stones to grow back. Even with the crypts completely closed off, small pockets of space could still open up around the tonsils.

So even if your tonsil stones reappear after taking proper precautions (like using anti-bacterial mouthwashes & maintaining good oral health), the same thing could happen after getting this surgery. This is something to talk about with your doctor so I would go with what they suggest in this situation.

Other Disadvantages of Laser Cryptolysis

As I said, on problem with this surgery is that it doesn’t work all the time. Unlike a tonsillectomy, this procedure only has a 80% chance of being effective.

But this isn’t the only problem with this surgery. Some of the others include:

  • possibility of other infections like tonsillitis¬†occurring after the operation is still there. This is because there is still tonsil tissue there leftover afterwards which can be infected.
  • you may be need to go through the procedure multiple times for it to be effective.
  • tonsil crypts can regrow after surgery so tonsil stones can still develop afterwards

In relation to tonsil stones, they are the disadvantages you’re going to need to consider.

Final Words

If you’re experiencing very bad, recurring tonsil stones and have tried every solution you can think of, then it may be time to consult your doctor about laser cryptolysis. The procedure is fast, not too painful and it can be just the thing you need.

Now that you know about the surgery, I hope you feel confident about talking to your doctor about it.

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