Can Dairy Cause a Tonsil Stone Infection?
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Can Dairy Cause a Tonsil Stone Infection?

Dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt are thought by many to cause tonsil stones. Whether or not this is definitely true is yet to be seen or proved.

From what I’ve read, the majority opinion seems to be split down the middle. Some are convinced that it does cause tonsil stones whereas others are not.

There are a couple of convincing reasons why they could cause tonsil stones, however. Which is why I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you.

Dairy affects everyone differently so it could very well be the reason why you are getting tonsil stones.¬†By being aware of them it’ll be easier to determine which dairy products are the culprit of your infection.

foods that cause mucus in throatHigher Levels of Mucus

As most of you affected know, tonsil stones are a build up of old food particles, dead cells and mucus. These gather within the crypts of your tonsils and bacteria and fungi will feed upon them – after which, tonsil stones are created.

Therefore, it only makes sense that by increasing the amount of mucus found around your throat and tonsils, you’ll be more susceptible to infection.

This, it is thought, is exactly what dairy products do. As well as having high levels of protein and vitamins, they also have mucus producing properties too.

This excess mucus (caused by the protein, casein) leads to a post nasal drip which will lead itself to the tonsils where it can be consumed by bacteria.

However, according to, this influx in mucus does not lead to tonsil stones, but an increase in the symptoms associated with them. Which can include¬†“bad breath, sore throat and the feeling of a lump in the throat”.

Now this would only happen if you are allergic to milk proteins so it won’t affect everyone.

does dairy cause mucus build upInflux of Calcium

As well as having high levels of protein, all dairy products are high in calcium, it’s quite easy to say that this could make tonsil stone development more likely. After all, they are mainly made up of calcium (as well as phosphorus and ammonia – both of which are found within dairy products).

I’ve seen any evidence to confirm this but it’s a pretty believable theory. (if you know of anything to support this then let it below in the comment section!)

Final Words

Now I’m not going to suggest that you avoid all dairy products forever. Given the above has not yet been confirmed by any medical professional (as far as I am aware) I recommend you run a little test instead.

This way you’ll be able to see clearly how your body reacts to certain products. Which is much more productive and a better use of your time as you’ll be able to determine which specific products are causing you trouble.

Try removing all dairy products from your diet for a certain period of time and record how your body reacts. If your symptoms go away then you know some products are the culprit. At which point you can then try to work out which one.

And if you don’t notice any differences then it’s likely something else causing the problem (possibly your oral health).

So to conclude, it’s yet to be seen whether or not dairy products cause tonsil stones. But I recommend that you take the time to reach your own conclusions to see how your own body reacts itself.

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